Digital Business Innovation, Troubleshooting and Transformation.

Colliding ideas, people, technology and money to help organisation innovate and evolve.


People are the centre of everything we do however people are the most complex element of any situation.

Having the right or wrong people can either guarantee success or guarantee failure.

Collider is a collective of the brightest minds in Digital Business each bring their own unique perspective, experience and passion to whatever challenge lays before us.



Technology is fuelling innovation and business disruption as an unprecedented pace.

It is simultaneously getting both easier and more complex and the gap between digital businesses and traditional businesses is getting wider daily.

Collider understands that technology is never the answer on it's own but usually plays a critical part of the solution.

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Money, like oxygen, is rarely the fundamental sticking point for any business change unless you run out of it.

Having worked with both start-ups in bootstrapping mode and large corporation throwing money around like drunken sailors we can confirm both have their challenges.

Collider always focuses on value for money rather than absolute pounds and pennies.

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